Accurate, insightful and timely research and analysis is the life blood of our business. The research capability of Brandon Hill Capital in the field of natural resources is second to none. The same penetrating analysis and incisive thought leadership is also applied to all the other sectors we serve so that clients are guaranteed to receive nothing but the very best, most comprehensive information and professional advice when presenting their proposal to the investment community.

Our research teams provide a comprehensive service to all clients through:

  • In-depth sector knowledge.
  • Thought provoking and market-leading opinion.
  • Timely response to company changes.
  • A wide distribution channel with some 17,000 points of access via:
    • UK Institutions
    • USInstitutions
    • Specialist Funds
    • Professional Advisory Firms
    • Private Client Stockbrokers

Research is published in four ways through:

  • Sector thematic publications.
  • Company specific publications.
  • Flash notes.
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