Corporate Broking

It is the nature of all companies to grow and mid-market companies across all sectors often face the most testing of challenges especially when it comes to financing their growth. We deliver comprehensive advice and a range of services to benefit future growth and business value.

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Shareholder base

Our corporate broking team monitor and carry out extensive share register analysis at the same time as they introduce new investors to the company's story. The team create and oversee road show planning and generate a co-ordinated approach with Research and Sales.

Market savvy

We pride ourselves in knowing what is going on in the market at any one time and we use this hugely valuable knowledge to send regular updates to our clients. We're constantly searching for share specific, sector specific and general market news as well as information about industry developments. We produce regular market analysis and information for board reports.

Equity fundraising

We are without equal when it comes to the distribution of client equity stories in support of primary and secondary fundraising. We manage the whole process for our clients from transaction to the realization of equity stakes.

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